Oral Exam

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These are the three topics you will discuss for the final oral exam:


The first task is to talk about parenting.  Each group will have 8 attributes (patience, discipline, love and tenderness, punishment, good sense of humor, good taste in music, physical violence, boundaries) and you will have to agree upon three attributes that are THE MOST IMPORTANT when it comes to parenting.  You will need to use Meta-Language (see FCE book).  Things like “where should we start… how about parenting?”, “let’s move to the next one…” and “what have we agreed on?”……etc.


Eating around the table. Do you eat with your family around the table? What is this experience like? Is it a nice experience? Do you have family feuds at the table?


Then, finally, we will have a discussion about the role of film and video production in Lengua.  Here you can share your opinions about whether you think film and video production helps or not to enhance communication in Lengua.


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Great First Day of Shooting

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Today’s shoot was great.  Thanks to all who participated, and to those who didn’t participate today but who worked on treatments and scripts during the past weeks.  Good job Art Department (Paulina, Pia, Karen, Francisca): the props,costumes and makeup looked really great.  Thank you to the production team (Lalo and Cristobal), the main director, Daniela, very effective.  Victor: great Osama Bin Laden.   Joana, thanks for being so professional and getting it right after so many takes, and, also, very convincing physical assault on Petra in the Taca-Taca report.  Petra, very professional. Gonzalo, good elevator victim! Stefanie, nice interpretation of Mary!

On Thursday we have our second shoot at my house.  We’ll talk about that on Monday.  I had an idea about the Edmundo Varas shoot, let me know if you like it….. We could film the Edmundo Varas on Thursday with the HD camera, after the News Anchors shoot…..

Also, those who took pictures of the shoot, bring them on Monday so that I can upload them to the class blog!

Also, make sure you start thinking about what you are going to write as your auto-evaluation…that will be due on the day of the oral final exam.


Written 14 July 9:30-10:50 (600)

Oral 18 July 12:30-13:50 (404)



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Video Production Groups

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There will be four groups in charge of the entire video shoot: the director group, the acting group, the art group, and the production group.

Directing group.

This group will have two directors and two assistant directors.  The job of the director team is to direct all the shoots that we will have with the main camera.  All other camera crews (for the i-reporter footage, the Edmundo falling from the balcony footage, and any other footage like that) there will be specific people responsible for those (more on this later).  The director team has to take charge of the shoot.  This means that they will have the last say (although, really, I have the last say) on decisions regarding the shoots.  But, they will probably have the most work and the most responsibility (and will have to answer directly to the executive producer (a.k.a. me).

Acting Group.

This will be a group of actors.  Those students who together will have to fill all the acting roles in the video.  The actors will be directed by the directors (obviously) and will need to learn the scripts and the characters they decided to play in the video.  The main characters that need to be filled are the news anchors, the reporters, and the people being interviewed.  There are other roles, of course, but they require less dialogue.

Art Group.

The art group has a really important job.  They must supply all the material props that the scripts require.  And that means everything (from the energy drink can to the hang-over pill box).  They will need to design and produce everything.  They will also be in charge of make-up, costumes, and anything else that will appear on screen that is not a human being.

Production Group.

The production group will be in charge of several things during the shoots: sound (microphone), slate, getting random things, dealing with authorities, playback monitor, continuity person, script monitor, food, etc.  This is a demanding job, but it will not require that much preparation.  They will answer to the director team and the director of photography.

Every group will need to elect a representative whom I can deal with directly.

And please remember that you will be able to work on the reports or commercials you helped develop both during the shooting (from the perspective of your production group), but also after the shooting when we edit the video together.

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Mini-Truncated Integrated FCE Presentations Unit 5

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Hey class, so this Thursday we will continue working on the FCE.  Since we don’t have that much time left, the third FCE presentation will be a mini one.  Each of you will be assigned a task (think of it as a mission) and when I call on you on Thursday, you have to collaborate by “presenting” your findings.

Here are the tasks:

1) Your task is to do number 1 in the language focus on page 56 and be ready to explain what the underlined forms refer to (permission, no permission, obligation, etc). Yenisei.

2) Your task is to do number 2 and 3 of the language focus on page 56 and be ready to explain the difference between a and b (in #2).Joana.

3) Your task is to do #4 in the language focus on page 56 and be ready to explain your answers.Cristobal.

4) Your task is to do number 5 in the language focus on page 57.  be ready to explain why you think your answers are correct. Eduardo.

5) Your task is to do number 6 in the language focus on page 57 and be ready to explain your answers. Francisca.

6) Your task is to do number 7 in the language focus on page 57 and be ready to talk about it to the class. Paulina.

7) Your task is to complete the use of English 1 on page 58.  Be ready to say what part of speech each answer is (noun, adjective, adverb, etc).Karen and Stefanie.

8) You and your partner will do the speaking 2 on page 59 in front of the class.  Have fun with it and make people participate. Petra and Daniela.

9) Your task is to talk about the vocabulary on page 60, but just #1 (a and b) in front of the class.  Have fun with it. Gonzo.

10) Your task is to do the vocabulary 1 on page 68 (just part A). And then talk about what each “romance” phrasal verb means in front of the class.Marcela.

11) Your task is to do the vocabulary on page 69 (B).  Figure out what the phrasal verbs are and then write the six sentences with a blank-put it on a powerpoint and have the class try to fill in the blanks with the right phrasal verbs. Victor.

12) Your task is to complete 1-4 in the language focus 2 on page 71. Be ready to explain your answers. Pia.

13) You and your partner will do the speaking on page 70.  Just have a brief conversation where you answer most of the questions. Andrea and Francisco.

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Video Project Update

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Despite the fact that many students were absent (because they think the semester is over), last week we managed to get the first batch of treatments ready and we also managed to learn script buddy.  If you were absent on Thursday, YOU MUST LEARN SCRIPT BUDDY ON YOUR OWN (either at home or on wednesday when we meet in the lab).  The web site is: http://www.scriptbuddy.com

Today, we will work on the commercial treatments.  I will also be coming around to document who is doing what so that we can have some accountability.  Please be ready to tell me what exactly you have been doing, what you are doing, and what you will be doing this week.  If you have not finished the treatment for the reports, then you must do this on your own and post the treatments on someone’s blog ASAP.

Also, since I feel like you’re not doing this, I’ve decided that for the “documenting” what you’re doing on the project part of this, I want you to start posting brief reports on what you are doing for the project.  So, I want to see short posts, maybe one at the beginning of the week, and one at the end of the week (from now on, until the rest of the semester).  It doesn’t have to be fancy or complicated, just a short description.  This will help you with your self-evaluation report.  

I’m still working on your writing, believe it or not, I will get that back to you as soon as my staff gets back from vacation.

As for the FCE.  When you finally get your exam (hopefully wednesday), you will know where you stand in the class, and whether or not you need to adjust your level of independent work in time for the final exam, but in any case you should not forget about the FCE book.  You should be working on Units 5 and 6.  I will be going over some material on Thursday so please do not be absent on that day since it will be important for you.  Make sure that by the end of the upcoming weekend, you are finished with these units so that you can start to review them and prepare something short to present for next week (see syllabus for more details).

I will be absent tomorrow so please take advantage of this time to eiher work on your scripts or on your treatments.  Wednesday we will meet in the lab.

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Oral Solemne Challenges

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Hello folks, welcome to a very special post.  Here you will find out what the oral challenges are for tomorrow’s oral exam……

You will be given the following 5 choices.  You will need to perform only two of these five choices…..

On the day of the exam, you will be assigned a partner (through a “sorteo”) and you will work with him or her on discussing the topics (below)….

You will be graded on content, on language, and on how you interact with your partner (your gestures, your disposition, your strategies for keeping the avenues of communication flowing,etc.).

1) Then and Now.

You will have a discussion with your partner about how life has changed over the years (from early to mid 20th century to early 21st century) in the following areas: Education, Communication, Travel/Transport and Free Time.  You will be required to use specific language (habitual actions in the past, habitual actions in the present, and comparison structures).  You will also be graded on your ability to KEEP A DISCUSSION GOING with your partner.  I may or may not interfere, depending on whether you are boring me or not (just kidding).

2) Gadgets and Devices.

I will show you several images of green gadgets and devices.  You will be required to guess what they are used for, tell me what you could do with them, tell me if you think they are necessary for our survival or well-being (as a human family), and compare them with similar non-green devices.  You will also be required to agree on an appropriate name for the gadget or device.

3) Robot Debate.

You will be required to adopt one of two positions regarding robots. a) Robots would make our lives better or b) Robots would make our lives worse.  You will be required to use appropriate language (for example, will, could or would) in order to talk about the future or about hypothetical situations.  The different areas of the debate will be determined by the FCE robot listening (page 34 ) so please review the interview with the robot scientist.

4) English Patient 1:

You will need to have a discussion with your partner about how Almasy changed after he crashed down into the desert (once he became the English patient).  You will be required to use comparison structures and be able to talk about actions and behaviors in films.

5) English Patient 2:

You will need to have a discussion with your partner where you compare two relationships: Almasy and Katherine vs. Hannah and Kip.  You will also be required to use comparative language and be able to talk about actions/behaviors in films.

Good luck!

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Class Comes Up with Several Strong Ideas and Is OFF AND RUNNING

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Hey folks, so this is the first weekly report about our class project.  So far, things are going smoothly.  We have democratically decided that the video will be a newscast.  As part of the newscast, there will be several reports (see below for the different reports and who is developing the treatment for each report) and several commercials (see below too!).

This process was the result of a carefully designed idea selection process, which culminated with an open vote.

Students also got to decide which reports and commercials they are going to HELP develop.  After this stage, which is taking place this week, the class will begin work on the scripts.  In the meantime, I will be posting links to several important documents that can help students understand the different pre-production, production and post-production tasks.  Eventually, each student will be assigned a production group (based on personal interviews with the executive producer, osea, me!).

A few negative observations.  Some students have exhibited a not-so-positive attitude with respect to certain ideas.  This attitude is completely absurd and belongs in high school (or even grade school).  This would not be tolerated in the real world.  We are all working on this together and everyone should show respect towards the other members of the team and towards the ideas they propose.  If you don’t like an idea, DO NOT sulk (get frustrated and dismissive); simply make your point, back it up with REAL arguments and then move on, there’s no need to get childish.

Please keep in mind that your evaluation will be based on many things, including your ability to work as a team in the different groups you will encounter.  DO NOT FORGET THIS.

Also, please remember to document everything that you do as part of this project as that will help you write your auto-evaluation.

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